Custom Indicator

Are you looking to enhance your Forex trading strategy with custom indicators tailored to your specific needs? We offer professional Forex indicator development services to help you gain a competitive edge in the market. Our pricing structure is designed to provide flexibility while ensuring the highest quality results. Here’s a breakdown of our pricing for Forex indicator development:

1. Basic Indicator Development:

Price: Starting at $80

Description: This package includes the creation of a basic custom indicator designed to display essential market data or signals. It is suitable for traders seeking a simple but effective tool to assist in their analysis.It can consist of maximum 2 Mt4 built-in indicators or simple calculations to generate a Signal.

2. Intermediate Indicator Development:

Price: Starting at $120

Description: Our intermediate package offers more advanced indicators with additional features, such as trend identification, oscillators, or custom calculations. Ideal for traders looking for a more comprehensive trading tool.This package can include maximum of 5 indicators or maximum of 2 filters which can turn On/Off through input settings of Indicators

3. Advanced Indicator Development:

Price: Starting at $250

Description: The advanced package is for traders who require complex indicators with sophisticated algorithms, multiple timeframes, and integration with other technical analysis tools. These indicators are highly customizable and can provide in-depth insights into market conditions .This package can include many filters but limited to 7-8 filters because of indicator efficiency or this package also includes any complex algo implementation for building the indicator.

4. Expert-Level Indicator Development:

Price: Custom Quote

Description: For traders with unique and highly specialized requirements, we offer expert-level indicator development. This includes indicators with proprietary algorithms Or any strategy performance analysis indicator tools (which can analyze performance of your strategy in one market over a thousands of candle within 2 minutes )

5. Payment Options:

We accept payments through various methods, including Debit/Credit cards, PayPal, Bank Transfer,Skrill and cryptocurrencies (e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum). Once you have made a 60% payment of the confirmed amount, we will commence development. You can settle the remaining balance upon receiving the project files, excluding the source code. We will provide you with the source code once the full payment is completed.

6. Delivery Timeline:

The delivery timeline for custom Forex indicators varies based on complexity. We will provide you with an estimated completion date upon reviewing your project requirements.

7. Quality Assurance:

Rest assured that our team of experienced developers and traders will ensure the highest quality and accuracy of your custom indicator.

8. Get Started:

To get started with the development of your custom Forex Expert Advisor or to request a personalized quote, please email us at easyforex92@gmail.com OR send us a message on Telegram or Whatsaapp.

Benefits of Algorithmic Trading and Automation

Precision and Consistency

– Algo trading ensures precise execution of trading strategies without emotional bias.

– Automated systems consistently follow predefined rules, reducing human error.

Speed and Efficiency

– Algorithms execute trades at lightning-fast speeds, capitalizing on market opportunities instantly.

– Automation eliminates manual tasks, freeing up time for strategic planning and analysis.


– Algo trading enables simultaneous management of multiple strategies and assets.

– Automated systems can diversify portfolios across various markets, reducing risk.

Risk Management

– Algorithms can incorporate risk management protocols, including stop-loss and take-profit orders.

– Automation enforces risk controls consistently, limiting potential losses.

Backtesting and Optimization

– Algo trading allows for rigorous backtesting and optimization of strategies.

– Automation helps refine trading strategies for improved performance.

Reduced Emotional Bias

– Automated trading removes emotional decisions influenced by fear or greed.

– Algos execute trades based solely on data and predefined rules.

24/7 Trading

– Algo trading operates round the clock, taking advantage of global market opportunities.

– Automation ensures constant monitoring, even when traders are offline.

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